A LowCountry Dining Room Makeover

Interior Design by Kerry Ann Dame

This month, we’d like to share one of our recent Mini-Makeovers for a dining room. In a room that already has furniture, a Mini-Makeover brings in decorator touches that complete the room scheme and add warmth and sophistication. Adding window treatments, art and accessories makes all the difference between bland and beautiful.
When I arrived, the dining room had a beautiful light dusty aqua paint color chosen by the homeowners, a nice French country cupboard, and a pewter chandelier. A beautiful table and chairs in a light driftwood stain were on order.

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Since the dining room adjoins a large, open great room, we decided that a large rug would be needed to anchor the table and chairs and absorb sound in the space for a more intimate feeling. As soon as I saw the paint color, I knew that a light carpet with an exotic pattern, such as an Oushak, would be the perfect blend of formality and softness for this relaxed Low Country home. After we tried several different rugs in the space, the clients chose a beautiful aqua carpet with a paisley motif.
Because dining rooms usually have a lot of wood, I like to add draperies. They bring softness and color into a room with hard surfaces. I usually use panels to the floor so we get the most decorative effect out of the fabric.
For the draperies, we definitely wanted some pattern. Since the entire house has a very serene feeling, I didn’t want a busy pattern. We chose a print that resembles a toile and features a palmetto tree. The background matches the wall color and we kept the style simple so the window wall adds some pattern but doesn’t take over the space visually. We added pale yellow braid to the edges to dress things up a bit.

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The final touch was an oil painting discovered by the homeowners at a local gallery. With its sweeping arc of beach and pale gold and aqua tones, it couldn’t be more perfect. The result of our Mini-Makeover is a richly decorated space, created with just a rug, some draperies and a beautiful work of art.

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Kerry Ann Dame is an interior designer and co-owner of Posh Living, a home store in Surfside Beach. She can be reached at (843) 238-0078 or online at PoshSurfside.com

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