Why DesignFolly?

In my Interior Design career, I lived in the world of The New. Every day I felt less like a creative and more like an enabler of conspicuous and unnecessary consumption. Every project created an avalanche of cast-offs. Yet we passionately recycle our trash, and sign petitions, and pick up plastic on beaches… the irony began to wear on me.

Constantly redecorating. Upsizing and downsizing. Waiting in lines for the latest gadgets,  keeping wardrobes up to date – it’s an obsession.  It has corrupted our dreams, devastated our environment, and it’s exhausting.  Desperate, we seek relief in Minimalism and trendy purging rituals.

However, I’m an inveterate Lover of Things.  By modern standards I might be considered a Maximalist. Minimalist interiors look uninhabited to me. I crave time-layered rooms, with art collections, a wall of books, and the tactile perusing of pages. Cherished fabrics and collected objects connect me to people and places I love. I’d rather have a vintage sofa, built to last, with enveloping cushions and a fresh fabric slipcover. Daydreaming in such a place sparks creativity. And as we age, it keeps memory alive.

And so, DesignFolly.

Design was born of our innate desire to create beauty and joy around us. In the design world, once form and function are resolved the rest is determined by tastes or trends. It’s pure Folly, and we should revel in it.

A Folly is a unique thing, created purely for pleasure. The places we live are for our pleasure. We should be inspired by them.  By making room for Folly, Joy and Serendipity at home, we create the unique spaces that give us roots in this uncertain world.

What is DesignFolly?

It’s a Blog, a Resource, a place to share product ideas, design news, and travel adventures. What inspires me, I sincerely hope will inspire you as well.