Blues Are Back!

Blue Paint Chips for 2012


Coco Chanel Inspired

This year we saw navy hit fashion magazines in a big way. Lots of Chanel inspired sailor striped shirts and dresses were everywhere. The clothes were mixed with brightly colored accessories in shades of aqua, coral reds and yellows. Now we are seeing blues come back with a vengeance in interiors. There is no doubt that navy and other shades of blue are here to stay.

I love decorating with navy because it can act as a neutral. It looks sharp when accented with greens, yellows, coral reds, oranges and even pink. There’s something about the depth of color in navy that is intriguing as well as comforting. Because of its regal history it brings a sense of security and stability to a room.

Navy Blue Bedroom

We are seeing blues used on walls, floors, as accent finishes, in tile designs, fabrics and accessories. Blue looks pleasing in Living rooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Foyers and Powder bathrooms. There is a perfect shade of blue for any room. Our obsession right now is peacock blue! We were so inspired by this deep, rich and romantic shade of blue, that our business cards got a makeover. Close to teal, peacock blue is a mysteriously alluring color that creates drama or intimacy in a room. I would use this shade of blue in Dining rooms, Powder Bathrooms, Libraries and Bedrooms.

Peacock Blue Velvet Sofa
Available – Special Order

If you’re looking for a crisp, fresh relaxing shade of blue, stay towards the lighter blues. The coastal blues are refreshing and uplifting. If you’re looking for a dramatic punch or accent color, go for the darker shades like navy, peacock or teal. Try navy as a wall paint and then mix it with black, white and grays as secondary colors in fabrics, tile or other decorative pieces to create a space that is interesting and dynamic.

Navy and Coral

In design, there has been the trend of using different shades of aqua and lime greens together over the last ten years. If you want to update this mix of colors with the new shades of blue, try introducing navy, teal or peacock blue in decorative accents and throw pillows. If you are starting over and want to use shades of blue, you can go in two different directions. Either design a room completely around shades of blue with neutrals like grey, white or black. Or if you love color and want to add a pop of interest to your room, choose a bright color like coral red, orange, lime or kelly green, golden yellow, or aqua as the secondary accent color. When it comes to color, I believe pictures are worth a thousand words, so I’ve included images of the new blues on wall paint chips, fabrics and room ideas.

Combining shades of blues and greens harmoniously!

I have to admit after looking at my Pinterest fashion boards, it’s obvious that I’m a sucker for the classic navy and white stripe. It’s a timeless color combination with a classic look that never gets dull and you can carry these fashion ideas into home design. Chanel was on to something! If you’d like to follow me, my Pinterest name is Designfolly.

Layla S. Altman, ASID, LEEP AP ID+C  is the co-owner of Posh, a design shop in Surfside Beach.  She can be reached at 843-238-0078  Copyright 2012 by

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3 thoughts on “Blues Are Back!

  1. Lynn Hajduk says:

    It’s absolutely delightful to see the rise of navy blue again. It seemed as though a few years ago true blue took a deep dive. It became very difficult to find the rich, dark blues that should be a staple in the interior design world! I’m so happy to see them coming back with all the glory they deserve!

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