Peacock Blue Tufted Sofa

Peacock Velvet Sofa

Custom Chesterfield Sofa created for a client with smooth cushions, in durable Peacock Blue velvet.

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12 thoughts on “Peacock Blue Tufted Sofa

  1. webmaster says:

    Hi Angela,
    We created this one with an American-made frame and durable velvet fabric. The button tufted version shown is $3900. We have many frame styles, so you can also have a simpler style starting at around $2000 in the Peacock Velvet.

  2. Lynda Boose says:

    Hello there!
    My query is a further version of Angela’s: how do I go about purchasing a similarly tufted, turquoise velvet, chesterfield type sofa? Your webmaster email indicates that you–presumably “Posh Interior Design”– have both the frame and a like-shaded, durable velvet fabric, and that you could construct a similar but simpler (fewer button tufts? or what?) sofa for around $2,000. If we expanded on that notion slightly by adding a matching chair to go with the sofa, how much would the additional chair run, and what would be the shipping cost for sending these two items to White River Junction, Vermont? (The chair I have in mind, done once again in your Peacock blue velvet, can be seen at I would like to make a decision about all this in the next few days, so if you could get back to me with some concrete details about price, shipment, do-ability, etc., I would be extremely appreciative!
    Many thanks,
    Lynda E. Boose

  3. webmaster says:

    Hi Ladies,
    We have two sofa frames that have tufted or buttoned styling, and are less expensive than the custom built Chesterfield style. Both the softer styled Doheny Sofa and the tailored Silverlake Sofa can be ordered in the Peacock Velvet for $1999.00
    Shipping and in-home delivery averages about $150-$200. For fabric samples or additional help, give us a call at (843)238-0078 or email

  4. webmaster says:

    Sure! That would look fantastic. We have lots of denim; different shades of classic blue-jeans colors, and a wide range of other colors too. Email us your preferred size and denim color and we can send you more details 🙂 Love the idea!

  5. webmaster says:

    Hi Caroline,
    Since I don’t have a shop in Australia, my suggestion would be to have a local upholsterer copy the style for you – anyone who builds custom furniture should be able to do it.

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