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Visit the Miami Design District for Great Ideas

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If you’re planning a trip to Miami this year, one place all budding designers should visit is the Miami Design District. It’s the beating creative heart of Miami, covering everything from interior design and furniture to galleries and antique stores. For someone looking for South East coastal ideas there is no better place to get […]

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Why Antiques?

INTERIOR DESIGNERS are fond of antiques; we often collect them ourselves, and are quick to recommend them to clients. Some of our clients love the idea. Mention antiques to some, however, and they cringe, recalling dusty, depressing, cluttered houses of days gone by. What is the reason for a designer’s obsession with incorporating antiques into […]

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What Kind of Fabric Is It?

Knowing your fabrics can be very helpful when shopping for your interior decorating project. If you’re familiar with styles and qualities of fabrics, you’ll know what to ask for or how to describe what you’re looking for at the fabric showroom. Here’s a helpful list of the most common types of decorating fabrics:

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Ikat Fabrics, Ancient and Modern

Antique Ikat robes and Ikat fragments are coveted by textile collectors and designers, and add a touch of the exotic to interiors both traditional and modern

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What is Chinoiserie?

The interesting thing about Chinoiserie is the tremendous range and variety of Oriental scenes and fantastical decorative details. Individual artifacts to make a room interesting and show off the sophistication of the homeowner.

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What is Hollywood Regency Design?

Some of the accessories are very theatrical – such as extra-tall white plaster floor lamps with palm fronds, or mirrored dressing tables and fainting couches covered in satin or velvet. Lacquered and mirrored surfaces sparkled. While it is not apparent in the old black and white movies, the interiors were often brightly colored.

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Decorating with Blue and White

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A brief history of blue and white, from folklore and porcelain imported from the Orient and its influence on modern Americans’ and Europeans’ passion for the color blue.

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How to Buy a Really Great Sofa

Shopping for furniture can be confusing and exhausting. By learning what to look for and what questions to ask, you can successfully find a sofa or chair that meets your quality standards, comfort needs, and budget.

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True British Colonial Style

“British colonial style” has become popular in recent years. Mahogany “campaign” furniture, bamboo and rattan, wicker and leather, and design elements such as monkeys, palm trees, and ticking stripes have invaded our homes. But what does “British colonial style” really mean? Where and when did it orginate?

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