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Is Re-upholstering a Sofa or Chair Worth the Cost?

Your favorite old chair, or that sofa in your aunt’s basement – are they worth recovering? I’m asked this question often, since it seems there are many inexpensive options for upholstered furniture on the market. However, those bargains may not be what they seem – with upholstery, it’s what you don’t see that matters. Before […]

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Renovating Your Home Now for Added Value Later

The current slow real estate market may have some homeowners feeling trapped in their current property, and others looking to purchase finding their buying power diminished.  How can we enjoy the home we live in when it is not our dream home? Tackle those small and medium sized renovation projects while the market is slow, […]

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Design Your Home for Organization

When a home is truly organized, it allows the homeowner to function smoothly and handle all the things on her plate each day. When everything has a place, the home is easy to keep clean and everyone in the family can help keep things running. Use interior design to incorporate the items you use often into furnishings that are part of daily life.

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Express Your Style with Unique Window Valances

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Valances are a stylish, tailored and less expensive alternative to draperies, and as you can see, creative ideas are plenty. Update your valances by getting rid of those swags, jabots, and ruffles, and choose a more tailored style. An interesting fabric with a bold design is the modern way to personalize your space.

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Two Different Interpretations of French Country Design

By now, the style known as French Country has transcended trends and become a classic source of inspiration for interior decorators. In fact, the style has actually diversified from its origins and come to stand for a variety of looks. However, they all share a few themes: French Country style is about cosmopolitan luxury meeting […]

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The 2013 Stripes Trend, On a Budget – Guest Post!

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Thanks to our online friend, design and fashion blogger Adria Saracino of The Emerald Closet for putting together a guest post for us! We’re happy to have a little help while we take a few days off…… Although they never really go out of style, in home or in fashion design, there are certain periods […]

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Sofa and Chair Shopping – The Quality Is Under The Cover

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When you shop for upholstered furniture, what are you really getting? If we listen to manufacturers and sales clerks, all of the sofas are wonderful and they’ll last forever. So many of us have had the experience of buying a new sofa only to be disappointed a few years later by flattened cushions, sagging springs […]

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Easy Ways to Go Green in your Living Room!

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Why Go Green in your home? The reasons for building an eco-friendly house, manufacturing an organic sofa, wearing an organic cotton shirt and even using products like Burt’s Bees for taking care of your skin are basically the same as utilizing green methods in your home.  Using green products creates a healthier space for you, […]

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Ready-Made Curtains With A Designer Look

Ready Made Drapery Panels come in two finished lengths. The large fabric selection offers high-end designer fabrics such as linen and silk, in the latest colors. All panels are lined, and the silk panels are interlined, just like a custom window panel. Sheer linens perfect for a romantic or coastal theme.

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Before and After: Small Projects Give Your Home a Fresh Look

The business of interior design can be exciting, especially when we assist with a major remodel, or make design decisions to furnish an entire large home. However, much of what we do on an everyday basis involves smaller projects.

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Color As Therapy For Your Home

Our reaction to color is almost instantaneous and has a profound impact on the choices we make every day. A harmoniously balanced room can have a positive impact on an individual’s emotional and physical well-being.

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Give Your Home a Summer Decorating Makeover

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Summer is here, and with it a whirlwind of fun outdoor activities, but that doesn’t mean your decor has to suffer. With guests arriving, you may feel your interior could use a little brightening up. Here are some budget-friendly tips to help: Paint an accent wall a bright color – current colors are deep turquoise, […]

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10 Steps to a Healthier Home Environment

Indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air, and according to the EPA, is considered one of the top 5 hazards to human health. Take steps to improve air quality and freshen the air in your home by introducing live plants such as ivy, spider plants and peace lily. All have the natural quality of absorbing formaldehyde and other unhealthy chemicals.

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How to Decorate with Pillows – An Easy Home Makeover!

Beautiful pillows are a necessity for the fabric connoisseur. For a designer look, un-decorate your prepackaged room with throw pillows

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Do It Yourself for Budget Friendly Interior Design

Decorating for yourself is a lot easier on your design budget. Instead of approaching your interior design as an all-or-nothing project, think of it as an ongoing hobby.

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Five Ways to Stretch Your Design Dollars

Vintage pieces can really stretch your decorating dollars and add a lot of personality. With slipcover fabrics, the choices are tremendous and you can create something truly chic and unique.

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Window Treatment Design Solutions

Curtains came about because houses way back when were cold, drafty and stark. Even though our modern homes are insulated and newer windows keep out drafts, our trends towards larger windows make true climate control impossible. Custom window treatments are expensive, but they are a labor-intensive process that requires education, experience and good customer service. Purchasing fabric yourself and looking for a seamstress can have mixed results, as it may not save money and can create a host of problems. Be sure to get some good advice and think about privacy and light control before you choose a style.

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How To Make A House Into A Home

Really great rooms move way beyond the three fabric combination of retail. Mix in several other fabrics, varying pattern scale and texture, adding fringe to pillows. This is another area where design help can make all the difference. Look at the really fabulous rooms in national magazines and count how many different fabrics populate the sofas, chairs, ottomans, pillows and curtains in a beautifully finished room.

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