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Renovating Your Home Now for Added Value Later

The current slow real estate market may have some homeowners feeling trapped in their current property, and others looking to purchase finding their buying power diminished.  How can we enjoy the home we live in when it is not our dream home? Tackle those small and medium sized renovation projects while the market is slow, […]

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Design Your Home for Organization

When a home is truly organized, it allows the homeowner to function smoothly and handle all the things on her plate each day. When everything has a place, the home is easy to keep clean and everyone in the family can help keep things running. Use interior design to incorporate the items you use often into furnishings that are part of daily life.

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French Shabby Chic Master Bedroom Makeover

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The bedroom had to be practical and comfy, but also beautiful – they were ready for a romantic retreat. They already had a beautiful wool carpet with a trellis of ivy in shades of taupe, and a slipcovered loveseat in khaki cotton I had done for them years ago. One of the problem areas was a bank of large windows, wonderful for letting in light but also a problem with summer heat.

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Five Easy Tips for your Kitchen Mini Makeover!

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With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for another round of entertaining.  I call it the Spring Itch!  A favorite room of mine is the kitchen when it comes to room makeovers because so much of our time is spent in it with family and friends, cooking great meals.  Nowadays, the […]

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A LowCountry Dining Room Makeover

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Interior Design by Kerry Ann Dame This month, we’d like to share one of our recent Mini-Makeovers for a dining room. In a room that already has furniture, a Mini-Makeover brings in decorator touches that complete the room scheme and add warmth and sophistication. Adding window treatments, art and accessories makes all the difference between […]

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Before and After: Small Projects Give Your Home a Fresh Look

The business of interior design can be exciting, especially when we assist with a major remodel, or make design decisions to furnish an entire large home. However, much of what we do on an everyday basis involves smaller projects.

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Give Your Home a Summer Decorating Makeover

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Summer is here, and with it a whirlwind of fun outdoor activities, but that doesn’t mean your decor has to suffer. With guests arriving, you may feel your interior could use a little brightening up. Here are some budget-friendly tips to help: Paint an accent wall a bright color – current colors are deep turquoise, […]

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How to Decorate with Pillows – An Easy Home Makeover!

Beautiful pillows are a necessity for the fabric connoisseur. For a designer look, un-decorate your prepackaged room with throw pillows

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Tips for Decorating the Family Room

The quality of furniture you purchase makes an enormous difference in how long things last in a home with children.

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Do It Yourself for Budget Friendly Interior Design

Decorating for yourself is a lot easier on your design budget. Instead of approaching your interior design as an all-or-nothing project, think of it as an ongoing hobby.

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Five Ways to Stretch Your Design Dollars

Vintage pieces can really stretch your decorating dollars and add a lot of personality. With slipcover fabrics, the choices are tremendous and you can create something truly chic and unique.

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