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The DesignFolly Slipcover Fabric Collection

Bright colors are the hallmark of The Bungalow Heaven Fabric Collection designed by Kerry Ann Dame. The woven patterns evoke some of the many places she’s been fortunate enough to visit – France, Italy, Fiji, England, Australia, California. Perfect for any lived-in home – beach house, resort, or traditional. The line is made in North and South Carolina, and includes recycled cotton fibers.

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What Style Sofa is Best?

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Furniture shopping can be a real challenge, especially when so many sofas and chairs look alike in showrooms- it’s difficult to know what style of sofa is best for you.  Most shoppers tend to look at the color of the fabrics, rather than the style of sofa frame.  The frame, however, is very important.  The […]

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Birds and Branches Toile Fabric

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Birds perch among branches and ferns on this traditional, elegant toile print. Dress it up for your French Country room, or mix it with Shabby Chic flair.  Flax-toned cotton makes a substantial background fabric, forgiving of dirt and great looking too. You May Also Like….French Shabby Chic Master Bedroom MakeoverThe DesignFolly Slipcover Fabric CollectionWhen Shabby […]

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Pet Friendly Home: Love living with your Pet

SO MANY OF US pet owners consider our pets a family member. And they typically are treated as such. We give them treats and toys and so much love. They romp around the house and take naps on their favorite piece of furniture. They express how much they’ve missed us by the wagging their tails […]

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Tips for Decorating the Family Room

The quality of furniture you purchase makes an enormous difference in how long things last in a home with children.

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Do It Yourself for Budget Friendly Interior Design

Decorating for yourself is a lot easier on your design budget. Instead of approaching your interior design as an all-or-nothing project, think of it as an ongoing hobby.

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What is Hollywood Regency Design?

Some of the accessories are very theatrical – such as extra-tall white plaster floor lamps with palm fronds, or mirrored dressing tables and fainting couches covered in satin or velvet. Lacquered and mirrored surfaces sparkled. While it is not apparent in the old black and white movies, the interiors were often brightly colored.

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Designing The Pet-Friendly Home

With wise choices in furniture, fabrics, and flooring, your home can be both elegant and pet-friendly. Learn which materials are easiest to clean and most durable, as well as stylish.

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How to Wash a Slipcover

If your slipcover is 100% cotton and has been preshrunk, you can easily wash it at home. Most large slipcovers, like sofas, will fit nicely into two laundry loads, usually one for the cushions and one for the body of the sofa.

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How to Buy a Really Great Sofa

Shopping for furniture can be confusing and exhausting. By learning what to look for and what questions to ask, you can successfully find a sofa or chair that meets your quality standards, comfort needs, and budget.

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True British Colonial Style

“British colonial style” has become popular in recent years. Mahogany “campaign” furniture, bamboo and rattan, wicker and leather, and design elements such as monkeys, palm trees, and ticking stripes have invaded our homes. But what does “British colonial style” really mean? Where and when did it orginate?

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