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Is Re-upholstering a Sofa or Chair Worth the Cost?

Your favorite old chair, or that sofa in your aunt’s basement – are they worth recovering? I’m asked this question often, since it seems there are many inexpensive options for upholstered furniture on the market. However, those bargains may not be what they seem – with upholstery, it’s what you don’t see that matters. Before […]

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What Style Sofa is Best?

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Furniture shopping can be a real challenge, especially when so many sofas and chairs look alike in showrooms- it’s difficult to know what style of sofa is best for you.  Most shoppers tend to look at the color of the fabrics, rather than the style of sofa frame.  The frame, however, is very important.  The […]

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Gorgeous French Deco Green Leather Recliner Club Chair

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A fabulous, low-back, club-style recliner — its compact proportions won’t overwhelm your room. Ergonomic style adjusts automatically as you recline, so you’ll have plenty of head support.  Two reclining positions,to  stretch out nearly flat if you like.  Gorgeous soft deep-green Top Grain Leather covers the entire chair, and is accented with nailheads on the arms. […]

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What Kind of Sofa or Chair Should I Buy?

If you like to sit up and read, or entertain more formally, choose tight-back furniture. Dressed-up guests don’t want to be flopping back into a sloppy pile of pillows, and if you really need back support, Scatter-Back down pillows are wrong for you. A tight back sofa is one with springs in the back, rather than loose cushions. Most common are Camelback style sofas, although nowadays there are many other classic tight-back styles being reproduced.

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Sofa and Chair Shopping – The Quality Is Under The Cover

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When you shop for upholstered furniture, what are you really getting? If we listen to manufacturers and sales clerks, all of the sofas are wonderful and they’ll last forever. So many of us have had the experience of buying a new sofa only to be disappointed a few years later by flattened cushions, sagging springs […]

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Furniture Shopping – The Elusive “Perfect Chair”

We ladies have all had that dreaded conversation at one time or another. We try to avoid it, but it keeps rearing its ugly, overstuffed head. The Recliner. Imagine an English style club chair with mahogany feet and casters, or an Art Deco recliner in bomber-brown leather – in other words, a recliner that will be a decorative feature in the room, instead of an eyesore.

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Tips for Decorating the Family Room

The quality of furniture you purchase makes an enormous difference in how long things last in a home with children.

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Do It Yourself for Budget Friendly Interior Design

Decorating for yourself is a lot easier on your design budget. Instead of approaching your interior design as an all-or-nothing project, think of it as an ongoing hobby.

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How to Buy a Really Great Sofa

Shopping for furniture can be confusing and exhausting. By learning what to look for and what questions to ask, you can successfully find a sofa or chair that meets your quality standards, comfort needs, and budget.

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