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Designing An Eco-Friendly Medical Office Waiting Room

When SC Pain and Spine Specialists decided to open a new location in Murrells Inlet, Dr. Jason Rosenberg asked me to help with a reception room layout and furniture that would be appropriate to a busy waiting room area. Since the office is shared with Dr. Brian Kinmartin and Professional Rehabilitation Services, the waiting area must serve both practices. Both doctors and their families are passionate about the outdoors and the natural beauty of our local area, so we decided on a color scheme that blends Low Country colors and textures with the necessary durability. Working off the pretty blue walls and rich slate tile floor, we used a gender-neutral paisley fabric to set the tone for a scheme of navy, green, light blues and driftwood tones:

Giverny Opal Fabric

Lowcountry Colors

 Because many of the patients are suffering from back injuries and pain, it was important to provide different types of seating. The wicker chairs offer a more reclined position, while the diamond patterned club chairs have a tightly sprung back to offer firm support.

Chairs in Waiting Room

The sofa and loveseat have firm back cushions and extra-firm inserts in the seats for long-lasting quality. All of the pieces have arms that are narrow and sturdy, to allow for a patient to push on them if necessary when standing up. The tile floors were purposely left bare, since some patients are using crutches or walkers and a rug could be a tripping hazard.

Doctors Office Waiting Area Design South Myrtle Beach

To provide the most seating possible, we made use of all of the space by lining up sturdy, hardwood armchairs along the front windows. The arms of the chairs allow for some separation between the patients, and provide a firm handhold. We had the frames stained a custom light green color and covered the seats in an easy-clean Sunbrella stripe fabric. Using the window area gave us ten more seats.

Doctors Office Waiting Room Chairs

The fabric we chose for the green sofa and loveseat is our Charisma Velvet, which has a commercial durability rating of 60,000 rubs and can be cleaned with soap and water if necessary. It’s become our go-to-fabric for both residential and commercial projects because it is so durable and comfortable and comes in a wide range of colors.


For the club chairs, we used a polyester heavy-duty upholstery fabric in a diamond pattern with an Ikat weave. It mixes nicely with the other patterns and the small repeating design is very forgiving.

Armchairs with Tight Back in Commercial Grade Ikat Fabric

At Posh Living, we always try to make greener choices for every project. Sourcing American-made goods is one of the easiest ways to go green. Look for suppliers that use sustainably-grown wood and low-waste manufacturing methods. When you choose an American-made piece of furniture, it may cost a little more – but that’s because workers are paid a living wage, wood is legally harvested, and the quality of construction is evident inside and out. The hardwood armchairs for this project came from Pennsylvania, and the Sunbrella fabric on the seats is made entirely in the USA. The upholstered pieces were made for us in the Southeast. The turquoise console that displays medical literature was handmade for us by craftsmen in Georgia. All of them came from within 500 miles of here, which qualifies them for sustainability credits under LEED. Fabrics such as the green velvet and the paisley were printed and finished in the USA.

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  1. Kirsten Victor says:


    My husband has a dermatology practice at the Jersey Shore. We are looking for new waiting room furniture and your products seem cohesive with our interests and motif. Please contact me at your earliest convenience regarding pricing and product catalog. Thanks so much!

    Kirsten Victor

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