Top Five Interior Design Trends

Global Chic

Global Chic is a mix of furniture, textiles and accessories from different parts of the world.  Ethnic prints like the Ikat have been dominating this current trend.  The Ikat print is the result of an ancient technique of weaving tie-dyed threads into vibrant streaked patterns.

Khanjali Ikat Throw Pillow


Magnificat Olive Ikat Throw Pillow

They are great accent fabrics because of their pattern and mix of colors.  Chinese garden stools, which are typically made of ceramic or porcelain, can also add a touch of global chic to your room.  They come in many colors and designs.  Garden stools were originally made for use outside in the garden, but now are used as side tables in an interior room.

Hollywood Regency

This trend is all about the glamour and fantasy of Hollywood movie set designs of the 40s and 50s.  Oversized accessories, modern clean-lined furniture pieces, mirrored furniture and dripping large chandeliers created the drama for Regency.  Citysquare by Thom Filicia Throw PillowRich, saturated colors on pillows, metal accents and even a pair of Foo Dogs would add to the allure of the room.  Vintage Turquoise Chinoiserie Throw PillowMixing “super clean with super fussy” creates the juxtaposition that is so relevant in Hollywood Regency.  Lacquered and mirrored furniture mixed with chinoiserie antique furniture is an example of how they combined clean designs with super fussy details.  Achieving this balance is critical to the success of this look.

Bohemian Chic

Kiki throw pillowOriginally Bohemian was a lifestyle, back in the days of Oscar Wilde. Today it has been revolutionized into a complete fashion and interior decorating style.  Owing to bohemian chic style being a combination of old and new, it is also a combination of different styles. Using different lush textures and intricate patterns essentially creates the true bohemian feeling. Wilmington Throw Pillow by PillowFollyWith rich rhapsody colors and brocade, different feels and looks combine to create the scene.

At the end of the day, a true bohemian style is to have a room that reflects all aspects of yourself and your travels. What makes you comfortable and relaxed is the true basis of the style.

Sustainable Design

Recently there has been a huge surge of interest in ‘going green’ and focusing on organic or environmentally friendly products and design. With it has brought interior design products that are earthy in color.  Laura's Linen Nap Pillow, LargeThis will bring a lot of neutral colors back into play such as beiges, browns, greens and so forth.  Using reclaimed materials to create new furniture, flooring or cabinets is another way to design green.  Organically grown cotton fabrics are not only great for our environment and health, but they are also incredibly comfortable and easy to live with.  Tables with natural edges are another hot trend in sustainable design.  Using accessories like painted ceramic birds, eggs and metal twigs & branches to decorate adds a light hearted touch of the garden to your home.

NestingSlipcovers are pet-friendly, easy to keep clean

Thanks to the recession, we are all hunkering down in our homes.  We want a safe place to ride out this economic rollercoaster.   We want to keep life simple.  Get rid of the clutter.  Keep the comfortable furniture pieces and get rid of the ones that serve no purpose.  Reusing what you already have and making it new again helps the wallet and maintains older furniture pieces that probably add a little nostalgia to your home.  Patchwork throw pillow Paint is an inexpensive and great way to change the look of an existing piece of furniture.  Reupholstering or slipcovering an upholstery piece is another way to save costs and keep something you already have.   People have realized that the trend of “moving up” from one house to another is a thing of the past and now want to create a true home since they will be there for years to come.  You can do this by creating your own timeless personal style.

Shabby Chic

Hendel Floral Throw Pillow, LargeShabby chic style has its roots in the British countryside where homes feature age-worn items like faded fabrics, old paintings and furniture with chipping paint.  The essence of Shabby chic design is an elegant room that feels casual and inviting. Cocooning & romance signifies the “Shabby” elegance of shabby chic. Mixing of floral, stripes and small check cotton fabrics gives that soft hand-made feel.   Granny Chic Patchwork Button Throw PillowTextures of wood, soft pastel colors, creams & whites, washed painted wood floors and lots of flowers describe the perfect shabby look.  Shabby Chic decorating is perfect for those who love old, time worn objects. Faded quilts, well worn furniture and vintage art all work together to make a home as comfortable as your favorite old sweater. Cover your existing sofa with slipcovers of faded floral fabric or clean white denim and toss on throw pillows of floral and gingham fabric.CordellChairTailored

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