Five Easy Tips for your Kitchen Mini Makeover!

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for another round of entertaining.  I call it the Spring Itch!  A favorite room of mine is the kitchen when it comes to room makeovers because so much of our time is spent in it with family and friends, cooking great meals.  Nowadays, the kitchen does so much more than just cook.  Here are my five Mini makeover ideas for the kitchen:

Kitchen - After Makeover
Kitchen – After Makeover
Kitchen – Before Makeover


1)      Paint

Paint is my favorite medium because it is the least expensive and quickest way to drastically change the look of any space.  You can paint the walls or even put a coat of a lovely color on your cabinets.  If you have wood flooring, how about a stenciled design?  You could go with the classic checkerboard on the diagonal or even something more lyrical.

2)     Re-facing your Cabinets

This is the perfect do-it-yourself project that will transform old shabby cabinets to fresh and updated cabinets!  Basically you remove all your old doors and drawer faces and purchase new ones at a local building supply store.  You’ll need to measure all your existing doors and do a quantity count before you head to the store.  Add new hinges and hardware to the new doors and you won’t believe the difference it will make in the overall appearance of your kitchen.

3)     New Lighting

Get rid of those fluorescents!  Really!  Use incandescent or LED lights to warm up your space and provide good task lighting with a softer glow.  You’ll also no longer have that annoying fluorescent humming sound.  If you have space to add a decorative chandelier over an island or pendants over a bar area, don’t be bashful.   Use decorative fixtures that have personality and color!  This is your opportunity to add a sophisticated punch to your kitchen décor.

4)     Tile Backsplash

Not only is tile great for updating your kitchen and adding a touch of interest, it is also very practical especially around the stove and sink areas.  Tiles and sealed stone are resistant to staining and extremely easy to clean.  If you want a modern look, use larger format tiles like a 12”x12” turned on the diagonal.  For more traditional homes, stay will smaller 4”x4” or 3”x6” subway tiles.  Add decos or decorative tiles into the mix for a more personalized design.

5)     Get Organized

Eliminating unnecessary clutter and small appliances on the countertops creates aesthetic and functional improvements to your kitchen.  First remove everything from your countertops.  Only put back items that need to be easily accessible and that are used every day.  The other items can be stored in cabinets or maybe it is time to donate them.  You may want to purchase attractive canisters to sit on your countertops for small items or foods that you need to reach quickly.

I hope these design tips help you to make positive changes in your kitchen as well as make everyday a little less hectic and a more beautiful experience.

Layla S. Altman, ASID is the co-owner of Posh in Surfside Beach.  She can be reached at 238-0078 or by email:

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6 thoughts on “Five Easy Tips for your Kitchen Mini Makeover!

  1. flooring Honolulu says:

    Thank you so much for these tips! We are actually planning to have our own kitchen makeover and this post really helps so much. I really love the result. It looks so homey. The floor is also absolutely beautiful. Once again, thank you for sharing.

  2. flooring Houston says:

    The kitchen looks amazing! There is nothing mini about this one because you can tell from the countertops, walls, flooring and fixtures that this kitchen deserves two thumbs up! It sure is nice to come across interesting resources such as this one.

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