Holiday Decorating Ideas, inspired by Pinterest!

I have a love hate relationship with technology, but since social media has become mainstream, the outlets for creative, art and craft junkies, such as Pinterest, Olioboard, Houzz and various Blogs are endless.  It is so easy to lose track of time repining great home design ideas, recipes, kid’s stuff, inspiring quotes and fabulous fashion!  Who has the time to actually create or do any of these cool things?   I’m hoping some of my Pinterest pins will inspire you to do something new this holiday season with your home.  Here are my top 10 Holiday decorating ideas for the 2012 Holiday Season.  Let’s get up, get busy and turn off those computers!

1)       Coastal themed wreathes.  Love this idea since we are here along the coast.  Use a combination of driftwood, starfish and other softly colored shells.  Great for front doors, over the fireplace, table or chest and even an empty wall.

2)      Mini pinecone snowflake.  This is so cute and you could take the idea further by using glitter or paint on the pinecones.  A fun craft project for kids as well.

3)     Glitter oyster shells.  Another great way to keep the kids busy!  This snappy idea could be used as ornaments, filled in glass jars or on wreathes.  You may want to file down rough edges.  I might try this one myself.

Glitter Oyster Shell idea from Nick’s Cove – Tomales Bay, CA

4)     Clove oranges are such a classy way to decorate bowls and create a wonderful aroma for your home.  You can create very simple or detailed designs.

 5)     Guest bedrooms are always challenging for the holidays.  I love the idea of using bold holiday colors, oversized stars, lights and festive throw pillows to add a little holiday cheer for your guests.

6)     Coastal themed Christmas tree.  I absolutely adore the colors used in this seaside decorated tree.  Combine starfish, sand dollars, some of those glitter oyster shells and pastel colored ornaments and you’ve captured the beach during the holidays.

7)     Fireplace mantels.  So much fun to decorate and so many great ideas.  Stay simple with a lantern, garland, vines and brightly colored ornaments.  Or go more formal by adding seasonal elements around a mirror, metallic accents and vintage silver trophy cups for displaying fresh flowers.  The scents from fresh flowers will be captured in your holiday memories.

8)    If you don’t have a fireplace, choose a piece of furniture or wall to decorate.  A chest or console table works great.  Try using garland with stars or colorful Christmas ornaments.

9)     Sea life stockings.  So much fun for us lucky folks living here at the beach.  Hopefully everyone can agree on who is what sea life creature.

10)  Santa hat brownies!  I just couldn’t resist these cute little desserts.  If you Google “Santa hat brownies,” you’ll find the recipe.

You can find all of these and more lovely Holiday Decorating ideas on Pinterest.  You can find me under the name designfolly to see more ideas on my “holiday style” and “coastal holiday style” boards.  Posh Living wishes everyone a safe and joyous holiday season.  May 2013 be a year filled with health and happiness!

 Layla S. Altman, ASID, LEEP AP ID+C  is the co-owner of Posh, a design shop in Surfside Beach.  She can be reached at 843-238-0078 or   Copyright 2012 by


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3 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating Ideas, inspired by Pinterest!

  1. Jessica Sala says:

    Love the orange with the cloves 🙂 That was always my favorite holiday project to do with my momma as a child 🙂

  2. Layla S. Altman says:

    Hi Caron,
    Wasn’t sure where this oyster photo came from on Pinterest. Glad you found my article. We always want to give people credit for their ideas. Love the blog post about Nick’s Cove in Tomales Bay and their glitter oysters!
    Happy Holidays,

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