Restaurant Interiors

Whether you need a complete restaurant interior or help designing the unique elements that complete your theme, the designers and talented craftspeople at Posh Living can make it happen.  View Larger Photos

The daughter of a hospitality project executive, designer Kerry Ann Dame traveled extensively and developed a special affinity for creating spaces with a distinct ambiance.  Kerry Ann and associate designer Ariel Spuzzillo share a background that encompasses architecture, art history, the film industry, costume and set design,  and furniture and lighting design.  Travels across Europe, to the South Pacific,  the American West, and New England inform their work, plus a broad range of personal interests in the arts, sailing, music and the equestrian world.

Research and knowledge of the subject at hand is critical to any design scheme.   Every effort is made to ensure historical and artistic accuracy, as well as customer appeal.  We maintain relationships with qualified craftspeople and culinary experts, and an extensive resource library. Appropriate materials are key to a successful project – we can provide:

  • Theatrical fabrics for large spaces
  • Flame-retardant materials for commercial use
  • Solar Screens for waterfront windows
  • Commercial non-slip floor tile
  • Durable wall finishes
  • Sound-Absorbing materials
  • Commercial grade patterned carpets
  • Unique lighting fixtures
  • Table Bases and Tops
  • Chairs and Barstools
  • Banquette construction
  • Custom Logo on fabrics and furnishings
  • Architectural details and custom cabinetry
  • Painted Murals and Wall Finishes
  • Custom Awnings and Umbrellas
  • Outdoor and Resort Furnishings
  • Window Treatments
  • Seating Fabrics in Vinyl and Crypton

We love the challenge of creating a unique and engaging atmosphere – collecting art and objects that give a place its unique flavor is our special passion.