Ready-Made Curtains With A Designer Look

Ready Made Curtains 17Anyone who has considered new window treatments, and has looked at the available options, has found two different ways to approach the project. Shopping a local retailer for Ready Made Drapery Panels usually means a visit to the big box stores for pre-packaged curtains or valances, and the results are very disappointing: cheap fabrics, no lining, uneven hemming, and limited selection. Usually the colors and patterns are less than trendy, and the limited selection means anything you purchase has a chance of showing up at your neighbor’s house as well.  The design philosophy behind Ready Made Draperies relies on the fact that so many houses today use similar floor plans and details. Most newer homes have single and double windows throughout, making simple curtain panels easy to hang. A pair of Drapery Panels on a classic wood or iron rod can frame a single window and close for privacy. When used with shades or blinds on wider windows, they add color and warmth to the room as stationary side panels, while the shades and blinds can be used for privacy.
Custom window treatments have always been the gold standard for window treatments. With an endless selection of fabrics, custom sized for your windows, and high-quality finishing techniques such as interlining and blind-hemming, custom is the way to go for the most high end, individualized designer look. However, custom window treatments can take weeks to complete, and depending on the client’s choice of fabric, are more expensive. If you have good sewing skills, you may be willing to tackle such a project, but who has time in today’s busy world?
The newest entry into the window treatment marketplace addresses the needs of today’s design-savvy consumer. She’s looking for high-end quality, a reasonable price, and a quick turnaround- Designer Ready Made Drapery Panels. This clever idea marries the concept of ready-made with the high-end quality of custom, at a more affordable price point. Our high-quality silk and linen Ready Made Drapery Panels come in two finished lengths. The large fabric selection offers high-end designer fabrics such as linen and silk, in the latest colors. All panels are lined, and the silk panels are interlined, just like a custom window panel. Embroidered Sheer Panels add color and pattern while letting in light. For hanging, most of our styles have a rod-pocket and back tab, meaning they can be shirred on a rod, or the rod can simply slide through tabs on the back side for a tailored look without shirring. Curtain panels can also be hung on standard rings. The three different hanging methods not only offer different looks, they can be used with several different types of curtain rods, so expensive custom rods are not necessary.
To accommodate different ceiling heights, Ready Made Drapery Panels come in two lengths: 96” for 8-9 foot ceiling height, and 108” for 9-10 foot ceiling height. Curtains should always be hung on the drywall, 4-6” above the window frame. Ordering is easy – just measure from the top of the window frame to the floor, and add at least four inches to decide which length fits your windows. Be sure to measure the width of the window too, on the outside edge of the woodwork. To make window look larger, purchase a rod that is 12”-18” wider than the window width, and allow the curtain panels to hang on the wall area, leaving the glass more open and creating the illusion of a wider window.
Our new display of Drapery Panels makes ordering hassle free – seeing actual finished curtain panels on display really helps the homeowner imagine the final effect. Just bring in your measurements, and we’ll help you decide the panel size, how many, and what type of rod you’ll need. Once you’ve placed your order, delivery of the curtain panels and rods is just a couple of weeks. Our professional installer can hang them for you if needed.
If you want to coordinate other elements in the room, matching bedding components such as bedskirts, duvets and shams are available, as well as throw pillows and shower curtains.   Ready Made is a great way to decorate for anyone who wants to speed up the process, trim the budget, and still maintain a high level of designer quality in their home. Stop in to Posh Living to see our beautiful new samples, and get a free quote.

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