SOLD Slipcovered Wing Chair

Super comfy oversized wing chair slipcovered in washable St. Thomas print

Our premium construction made in Hickory, NC.   Shipping anywhere in the US available.

Originally $1599,   NOW ON SALE – $899

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4 thoughts on “SOLD Slipcovered Wing Chair

  1. Karen Gratch says:

    I live in Michigan – I am not traveling to SC – I gather that your sales are not meant to be done online (no information provided wrt dimensions, price, options, etc.) I am looking for a solid back couch, comfortable, but supportive (bad back, tailbone to neck). I like the picture of the Modern Camel Back Sofa, but the cushions look hard, not “cushiony,” and there is no information provided (as stated above). Do you have a catalogue providing this information? Too many decisions to make in a phone call!

    Thank you – Karen Gratch

  2. webmaster says:

    Hi Karen, we’re creating the online selection for furniture; in the meantime I can email you some tight-back sofa options. I think a spring-down cushion is nice for a bad back, lots of support but a soft outer wrap of foam and down makes then super comfy. The Modern Camelback does look firm on the photo, but the right cushions and the right fit for you are what matters. Unless you are very tall, you’ll want a seat thats not too deep, about 21″ is good for back support. Our London sofa is popular for its 21″ seat depth with great support, and length for lying flat, it’s 88″ and 3 cushions. Feel free to call and give us a few details and we can send you specifics on sofas, and fabric swatches. It can be helpful to find a chair that fits you well, and measure seat depth, as well as seat height and arm height; it’ll give you an idea of what sofa frame fits you best.


    I am having a very difficult time trying to locate a sectional w/chaise in white/off white with a bit of pattern i.e.: houndstooth. I want comfortable sofa that will hold up as it will be a family room sofa. Any suggestions

    The internet gives me hundreds of sites with information regarding the construction and very limited fabric choices.

    I would really appreciate the help.

    Diana Lockwood

  4. DesignFolly says:

    Hi Diana,
    I think your best bet is to order your sectional from a local, reputable furniture store and supply your own fabric. This is what I usualy do on my interior design projects, since manufacturer’s fabric selections can be quite limited. A local fabric shop with interior design services can help you find the right fabric, and many will order furniture for you as well.

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