Greek Key Pattern, London Shade Valances around a Kitchen

Renovating Your Home Now for Added Value Later

The current slow real estate market may have some homeowners feeling trapped in their current property, and others looking to purchase finding their buying power diminished.  How can we enjoy the home we live in when it is not our dream home? Tackle those small and medium sized renovation projects while the market is slow, [...]

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What is LEED?

Unless you are in the design or construction industry, you probably have no idea what LEED certification of a building means or why you would want to certify a building.  You hear a lot of talk about eco-friendly and green products like flooring, furniture, clothes and cleaning products these days, but LEED is still growing [...]

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Home Design Grows Green

THE MOVEMENT to a greener lifestyle has become a significant factor influencing the choices we are making in our lives every day. By now we've all probably bought some CFL bulbs to save electricity, taken steps to make our homes more insulated and energy efficient, and tried to cut down on our driving. These steps [...]

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