Ikat fabric pennant valance, Mughal Style

Unique DIY Window Valance Ideas

Valances are a stylish, tailored and less expensive alternative to draperies, and as you can see, creative ideas are plenty. Update your valances by getting rid of those swags, jabots, and ruffles, and choose a more tailored style. An interesting fabric with a bold design is the modern way to personalize your space.

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Window Treatment Design Solutions

Curtains came about because houses way back when were cold, drafty and stark. Even though our modern homes are insulated and newer windows keep out drafts, our trends towards larger windows make true climate control impossible. Custom window treatments are expensive, but they are a labor-intensive process that requires education, experience and good customer service. Purchasing fabric yourself and looking for a seamstress can have mixed results, as it may not save money and can create a host of problems. Be sure to get some good advice and think about privacy and light control before you choose a style.

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