The ABC’s of Holiday Style

HOLIDAY GIFT-GIVING doesn’t have to be ho-hum. Break out of your mall malaise – think beyond sweaters and cologne, and consider your loved one’s lifestyle.

Tropical Sunrise Oil PaintingA is for Art – A great gift for couples to give each other.

B is for Botanicals – Shells and Flowers on fabric, or scents for the home.

C is for Candles – So many chic designs, and such pretty packaging, a quick and easy gift.

D is for Damask – Pillows, pajamas, stationery; dresses up your life.

E is for Eclectic – Give a gift that adds to a collection.

F is for Frou Frou – A tassel trimmed purse or lampshade is girly fun.

G is for Gourmet – Food gifts are always welcome, especially if you make them yourself.

H is for Home – Welcoming someone who’d otherwise be alone is a special gift.

I is for Ikat – The hot new fabric adds global chic on a pillow or chair.Ikat pillow from

J is for Jewelry – Who can say no to something pretty?

K is for Kite – Family fun, unplugged!

L is for Lamp – A lamp makes a unique and much appreciated gift.

M is for Massage – Give the gift of relaxation.

N is for Nostalgia – Visit the antique mall for something from the Good Old Days.

O is for Orchestra – Tickets to a concert you can share together.

Custom Dog Bed by PillowFolly.comP is for Pets – Pamper your loved one’s pet with a pretty dog bed!

Q is for Quality – Buy one nice, well-made item instead of lots of cheap ones.

R is for Rug – Give the gift of warmth and a quick room makeover at the same time!Peel and Company Oushak Rug

S is for Silk – Pajamas, curtains, a fabulous pillow, silk is a luxury treat.

T is for Travel – Make memories together.

U is for Umbrella – In the wildest print you can find.

V is for Vintage – Find an old mirror or table and refinish, paint or decorate it for a very personal gift.

Vintage 40s Buffet and Ceiling Tin Mirror

W is for wellness – how about some exercise gear?

X is for Hugs and Kisses – in a beautifully handwritten card or poem.

Y is for yellow – a sunny color, anything yellow will brighten your home.

Z is for zebra – on a rug, a pillow, it’s like an instant room makeover.Vintage Zebra Chair

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