The 2013 Stripes Trend, On a Budget – Guest Post!

Thanks to our online friend, design and fashion blogger Adria Saracino of The Emerald Closet for putting together a guest post for us! We’re happy to have a little help while we take a few days off……

Draper Stripe Throw Pillow

Although they never really go out of style, in home or in fashion design, there are certain periods when stripes seem to burst onto the scene with unusual gusto. And next year’s trend reports are looking like that might be the case.

The spring 2013 runways were awash with stripes of all kinds. The more subtle, nautical style has given way to bolder, more graphic interpretations, often rendered in a blazingly patriotic red, white, or blue or other unexpected colors.

Home trends often tend to take their cues from fashion, so it comes as no surprise that stripes are forecasted to be big for interiors as well. Learn how to incorporate this classic pattern into your décor, either by buying a few affordable pieces, or DIY-ing their equivalent for even greater savings!


Although these two pieces are both vertically striped cabinets, the effect is completely different. The paint choices in a piece of furniture can make a big difference; creating one chest that’s worn-in and feminine, or another that is sleek and masculine.

DIY idea:

For the shabby chic effect, apply crackle glaze to fresh paint in an X-shaped pattern. For a more modern take, tape off the surface of your piece into wide stripes, and stain the stripes in a darker shade than the original.

2 door striped cabinet
Baldwin 3 drawer chest



Have you even wondered why striped rugs are such a staple in designer rooms? They’re a surefire way to inject movement and energy into a room, and a variation on the theme works with almost any style of décor. Most rug retailers allow you to filter by the type of rug you’re looking for, and you will most definitely be seeing the striped rug filter in 2013.

DIY idea:

Any flat weave rug can be painted over with simple latex paint. Just tape off your stripe design, paint, and transform a plain rug into a chic statement. This is an especially great idea for an outdoor or kitchen rug, where hardiness wins out over softness.

Dash and Albert Rug
Liora Manne area rug
St.Croix area rug


One of the boldest and most beautiful statements you can make in your home is to hang a giant piece of abstract art; whether it’s over a sofa, dining table, desk or bed, it’ll make the room. And stripes are a favorite among legendary artists and humble DIYers alike.

Choose a cool blue Mark Rothko print from the midcentury, or warm up a space with a modern artist’s casually scribbled stripes. For maximum impact, mix these abstract pieces with more traditional fare, like an ornate Victorian settee.

DIY idea:

Abstract art is probably the easiest and most satisfying style to try yourself. Just gather a few inspiration images, paint, and canvas, and interpret them to your satisfaction. Make a mistake? Just wait for it to dry and paint over it again in white for a fresh start. For those who want them same effect but mistrust their artistic eye, just purchase a textile remnant or striped wrapping paper and frame it.

Rachel Roy, Red and Blue Stripes
No. 14 White and Greens in Blue
Modern Stripes

Decorative Accessories:

Because it’s simple and inexpensive to change out your accessories, they’re a great place to start with when dipping your toes into the stripes trend. Mix in a timeless awning-striped pillow, or replace a plain lampshade with a dotted and dashed alternative. It’s surprising how much energy small changes like these can add to a room.

DIY idea:

You can easily sew a slipcover for a pillow with a tired, old pattern, but a good shape. To change up a lampshade, just glue ribbon onto it in a striped pattern, making sure that the join of each piece ends in the same place on the shade. That side can be turned away from view.

Draper Awning Stripe pillowDraper Stripe Throw Pillow
Yellow Stripe and Dot Accent lamp shade
Embriodered Ikat Stripe pillow


You might assume that stripes are intended to make a bold, graphic statement. But that’s not always true. For example, while the grey and white love seat grabs attention with its contrasting colors and random pattern, the beige and cream armchair is more subtle because of its wide, regular stripes and low contrast in colors.

DIY idea:

Although this would be difficult to try with such large pieces, or with strict patterns, it’s easy to add irregular or thin stripes to a small piece, like a bench or chair seat. Just use fabric markers to freehand a pattern on your fabric. If you want something a little more refined, you can pencil in guides, and then cover them up with the marker as you go along.

Sutton Striped Sofette
Club Striped arm chair

Stripes are one of the classic decorative elements that can be endlessly reinvented to work with other patterns and styles. Hopefully this round up gives you the inspiration to add a variation to your own home.

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