An Invitation to the Chateau Grand Luce'

Timothy Corrigan and the Chateau du Grand Lucé

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of talented designer Timothy Corrigan’s new book, An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Lucé – as an avid Francophile, how can I resist the opportunity to while away a Sunday afternoon with fabulous images of Chateau interiors?  I was planning this little treat for myself, and the universe obliged.  While wending my way through the High Point Market showrooms I realized I could drop by Mr. Corrigan’s book signing.   I immediately acquired my copy, and was ushered in to the ever-lovely Currey and Co. showroom for a quick meet and greet. Mr. Corrigan seems to be one of those fun people who is really present, enjoying the time and place they are in and taking pleasure in all the details of living.  What a perfect person to take on the Herculean task of bringing a treasured Chateau back to life.  He happily  signed my copy, and we had a quick chat about Southern California and mutual acquaintances.  Mr. Corrigan is gracious, warm, handsome, and impressively tall!

But the book is also quite wonderful.  In one insightful chapter after another, Corrigan shares this amazing story of renewal and preservation, then treats us to a room-by-room tour.  Beautiful photography by Eric Piasecki captures the atmospheric glow of the rooms, and the splendor of the expansive grounds.  Full page spreads abound (I despise books and magazines that shrink the photos too small to save pages) and there are many closeups of vignettes and details of antiques.

Corrigan clearly takes pleasure in every corner of the Chateau, filling it with furnishings and objets of substance and style. The boiserie, the rugs, the furnishings, even the bits of bric-a-brac obviously collected on many a trip to the Brocantes – all the stuff of dreams to anyone who loves historic houses.

What I most appreciated about the book is the way it shows the Chateau as a lived-in home, without pretense and with all of the warmth of rooms that are used and loved.  Mr. Corrigan was the only American to apply to own the Chateau, and I think the French chose well – he’s the perfect steward of its charms. I’ve been all over the South of France, spent time in Paris, had the fortunate experience of spending time at Chateau de Nieuil, but I have not toured the Loire Valley.  Chateau du Grand-Lucé would definitely be top on my list – after spending time with this lovely book, I’m sure I’d feel right at home.  Here’s a little peek to encourage you to add this wonderful book to your design library

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