Top 5 Interior Design Moments from 2011

Now that 2011 has drawn to a close, there are a few interior design trends that stand out to me as memorable, especially as they’ll have an influential effect going in to 2012.  Here’s what I noticed:

1) Belgian Linen Looks: One of the biggest trends that spread like wildfire as the year went on, oatmeal toned Belgian linen has become the new beige. We’re thrilled, since I’ve loved it since I discovered its charm when I was at Indigo Seas years ago. It’s beautiful to sit on, looks fantastic crisp or wrinkled, is sturdy, and goes with everything.  It can be the basis of so many styles, from French Shabby Chic to English Country to Modern. It’s great to see it reach a wider audience.

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2) Martyn Lawrence Bullard – We love you.  Your fabulous fabrics are the epitome of Anglo-Chic, and encourage the mad mix of textiles we adore.  Thanks for agreeing to go on TV so we have some actual talent to watch; and for your flamboyance, ignoring the mass market, and following your heart – and inspiring everyone to be a little more individual in their design choices.

Interior by Martyn Lawrence Bullard


3) Made in America:  Thanks, Josephine Shopper, for demanding more American Made products.  We’ve been focusing on them for years because of the quality and control of the finished product we are looking for.  Every shopper, every day, votes with her wallet – and manufacturers are finally getting the message.  Buying American not only influences many layers of the economy, it’s better for the planet too.

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4) The rise of Ready Made:  Finally, ready-made home decor products are living up to their potential.  Innovative companies are producing high-quality drapery panels that have the right colors and designs for the American marketplace.  And, they are nicely finished.   Perfect when custom is beyond the budget and those big-box store drapes are just, well, yucky.

[flickrset id=”72157625687894428″ thumbnail=”thumbnail” photos=”4″ overlay=”true” size=”large”]

5) Prints have gone mainstream again.  After more than a generation of solid upholstery and plain walls, prints are making a big splash again.  Whether adding punch to a space on accent chairs, or glamourizing an entry with Chinoiserie chic, I’ve always been a fan of a bold print.  It’s so much easier as a designer to introduce an idea to a client when they have seen it in magazines or online, so the print trend is creating some excitement around here!

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