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Visit the Miami Design District for Great Ideas

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If you’re planning a trip to Miami this year, one place all budding designers should visit is the Miami Design District. It’s the beating creative heart of Miami, covering everything from interior design and furniture to galleries and antique stores. For someone looking for South East coastal ideas there is no better place to get […]

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Renovating Your Home Now for Added Value Later

The current slow real estate market may have some homeowners feeling trapped in their current property, and others looking to purchase finding their buying power diminished.  How can we enjoy the home we live in when it is not our dream home? Tackle those small and medium sized renovation projects while the market is slow, […]

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Why Antiques?

INTERIOR DESIGNERS are fond of antiques; we often collect them ourselves, and are quick to recommend them to clients. Some of our clients love the idea. Mention antiques to some, however, and they cringe, recalling dusty, depressing, cluttered houses of days gone by. What is the reason for a designer’s obsession with incorporating antiques into […]

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Two Different Interpretations of French Country Design

By now, the style known as French Country has transcended trends and become a classic source of inspiration for interior decorators. In fact, the style has actually diversified from its origins and come to stand for a variety of looks. However, they all share a few themes: French Country style is about cosmopolitan luxury meeting […]

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Emerald – The Color for 2013

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Pantone, the color standards provider for the design industry, has selected a lush, vivid green called “Emerald” for the 2013 Color of the Year. Already appearing on fashion runways, Emerald is set to take off in interior design as well.

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The 2013 Stripes Trend, On a Budget – Guest Post!

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Thanks to our online friend, design and fashion blogger Adria Saracino of The Emerald Closet for putting together a guest post for us! We’re happy to have a little help while we take a few days off…… Although they never really go out of style, in home or in fashion design, there are certain periods […]

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Blues Are Back!

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  This year we saw navy hit fashion magazines in a big way. Lots of Chanel inspired sailor striped shirts and dresses were everywhere. The clothes were mixed with brightly colored accessories in shades of aqua, coral reds and yellows. Now we are seeing blues come back with a vengeance in interiors. There is no […]

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The Tree of Life Fabric Story

The various colors typically displayed in tree of life patterns allow for flexibility in color directions, as well as layering of colors and pattern types. This pattern is appropriate for traditional, transitional and modern design styles. It’s wonderful for creating Chinoiserie, Rococo, and English Cottage designed rooms.

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Five Easy Tips for your Kitchen Mini Makeover!

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With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for another round of entertaining.  I call it the Spring Itch!  A favorite room of mine is the kitchen when it comes to room makeovers because so much of our time is spent in it with family and friends, cooking great meals.  Nowadays, the […]

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Top 5 Interior Design Moments from 2011

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Now that 2011 has drawn to a close, there are a few interior design trends that stand out to me as memorable, especially as they’ll have an influential effect going in to 2012. Here’s what I noticed:

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A LowCountry Dining Room Makeover

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Interior Design by Kerry Ann Dame This month, we’d like to share one of our recent Mini-Makeovers for a dining room. In a room that already has furniture, a Mini-Makeover brings in decorator touches that complete the room scheme and add warmth and sophistication. Adding window treatments, art and accessories makes all the difference between […]

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High Point Market Report Fall 2011

High Point Furniture Market this fall was the most positive in energy and attitude that we’ve seen in a few seasons; the slight uptick we had in the economy this year gave vendors the confidence to plan for growth. Of course there were the usual parties, lectures and events, including a concert by the B52’s!  […]

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We Love Thomas Paul’s Designs

We just can’t get enough around here of Thomas Paul’s fresh, snappy modern prints from Duralee. Thomas Paul fabrics are reasonably priced prints with a fresh perspective – perfect for our Pillowfolly throw pillow collection. They’ve given our shop a needed lift, and they are clean and simple enough to mix well into traditional rooms. […]

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High Point Furniture Market: April 2011

High Point Market this spring, while much smaller than previous years, had plenty to offer.  With showroom space more available, many new vendors are entering the marketplace at High Point, and we saw a large selection of antique and few-of-a-kind artist-produced pieces, as well as the usual manufactured lines.  There was a lot of focus […]

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When Shabby Chic Meets Industrial Chic…

If you are a fan of Shabby Chic, but are looking for an updated style with rustic sophistication, think about going Shabby Nouveau. With some industrial touches, textured natural fabrics, and reclaimed driftwood tones, the new chic look is very unique.

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Ready-Made Curtains With A Designer Look

Ready Made Drapery Panels come in two finished lengths. The large fabric selection offers high-end designer fabrics such as linen and silk, in the latest colors. All panels are lined, and the silk panels are interlined, just like a custom window panel. Sheer linens perfect for a romantic or coastal theme.

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Top Five Interior Design Trends

Global Chic Global Chic is a mix of furniture, textiles and accessories from different parts of the world.  Ethnic prints like the Ikat have been dominating this current trend.  The Ikat print is the result of an ancient technique of weaving tie-dyed threads into vibrant streaked patterns.   They are great accent fabrics because of […]

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Before and After: Small Projects Give Your Home a Fresh Look

The business of interior design can be exciting, especially when we assist with a major remodel, or make design decisions to furnish an entire large home. However, much of what we do on an everyday basis involves smaller projects.

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High Point Market Trends: April 2010

High Point Market is the place to view the latest trends in home furnishings and fabrics.  New colors are introduced, influenced by trends in fashion, film and pop culture.  Twice a year we march the halls and visit hundreds of showrooms to see what’s happening in the industry.  It’s not just the latest designs and […]

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Ikat Fabrics, Ancient and Modern

Antique Ikat robes and Ikat fragments are coveted by textile collectors and designers, and add a touch of the exotic to interiors both traditional and modern

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