Furniture Made in America – the only way to guarantee quality. Stop by the showroom to try out our upholstery, see our quality lines, and get some help with your selection and floor plan. Or call us at 843-238-0078.

Since each project is different, we use a variety of furniture styles for our clients:

We source many of our high-quality wood furniture pieces directly from Hickory, North Carolina, and the mountains of Georgia. With kiln-dried, FSC-certified sustainable woods, you can feel confident that your table or bookshelf won’t develop cracks like many imports.   American sourcing also means delivery times are faster and more reliable, and we are supporting talented craftsmen in our own economy. Our wide selection offers choices from casual to formal, with dimensions that fit the way we live today. Our design service will determine aheadof time what will offer the best fit and function for your home.

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  1. Shaka Studios Custom Furniture says:

    Thank you for supporting American Furniture Craftsmen. A few months ago someone told me that there are no furniture craftsmen left in American and my jaw hit the floor! My husband and many other talented artisians like him, carry on the tradition of American furniture one-peice-at-a-time in studios and woodshops all over the country! You don’t have to settle for cheap low quality imports that aren’t quite the style you want. When you buy custom furniture made in America, you get exactly what you want knowing it will last for generations!

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