“In the process of a complete remodel of our home in Pawleys Island we discovered we needed professional help to pull the entire project together.  We were referred to Layla Altman at Posh Living and could not have been more pleased with her work.  The scope of the project involved flooring, paint and color selection, kitchen cabinetry and design, lighting, bath remodel, window treatments, furniture selection and accessorizing .  Layla guided us along the process so that the completed project ties together beautifully.
We were able to provide Layla with the direction of furniture we preferred and what pieces we were bringing from our previous home.  She helped us decide how each piece could be utilized and where we needed to bring in new items.  After shopping in the market extensively, we were pleasantly surprised with the pricing from Posh.  We were able to slipcover some of our existing pieces in order to save money.  In addition, she provided us with options for custom made furniture that we were able to select the dimension, fabric, stain, and quality in which we wanted to invest. We loved the flexibility available to us and the good advice that was provided, while having no sense of pressure to buy.  After doing comparison shopping- we found their prices very competitive and had the added bonus of local high quality service.  We would highly recommend using the services at Posh Living for however small or large your project.  Layla was able to make a house into our dream home.”
– Deb P.      The Tradition, Pawleys Island

“Kerry Ann has helped us for years and we still love every piece of furniture and every design element. Excellent products, outstanding service and adorable designs – my friends all rave about it!” 
– Linda R.     Charlotte, NC

“Love Love my sofa – was worth the wait – everyone should try this little gem design shop snuggled in with a cozy but yet classy style.” 
– Jan B.     Myrtle Beach, SC

” I have had the pleasure of working with Layla Altman and Posh Living  during the past several years.  Layla has provided me with a vast array of services including fine, unique furniture pieces, exotic window treatments using beautiful fabrics,  wall paint finishes with dramatic textures as well as an assortment of spectacular accessories.  Her talents and creativity exceed all expectations  once a project has been completed.  I feel she works in a design world filled with “passion”, “perfection’ and “patience”!  One of her most amazing creations was the design and decor of my formal  living room.  She truly transformed what was merely a shell of a room into a magnificent designer showcase.  This project was multifaceted, very detailed and time consuming since it involved many furniture pieces, two story draperies, an area rug, faux finished mantel and fireplace,and numerous accessories including an assortment of throw pillows.   Fabric selections played a major role in the decor of this room.  This area has become the focal point of  the home.   Based on all my experiences,  I feel that Posh Living is dedicated  to superb quality, outstanding service and most importunately personalized attention.  My only regret:  I don’t have another home to decorate!!!” 
– Jennifer H.     The Reserve, Litchfield Beach

“I had the pleasure of working with Kerry Ann where she helped complete the scope of a clients project outside of what my company was able to offer. She proved to be an incredible listener and combined her wealth of knowledge with the current plans my customer and I had laid out to give us exactly what we had imagined. (while staying conscious of our budget!) She does a amazing job of visualizing all of the pieces and parts of the project and coming up with solutions to help tie the entire project together. I enjoyed every moment of working with Kerry Ann and would recommend her to any designer in need of her products to supplement a project as well as any homeowner that needs design services or the products she and her partner carry in their fabulous boutique. For all of her experience and talent, she was as humble and down to earth as she could be.  I have yet to find a match to the atmosphere, personality and the talent under the roof at Posh Living!”
Shannon Vogel      Creating Your Space

“Kerry Ann brought color and life to our little beach cottage. Her vision helped us transform an old wreck into a bright and happy treasure that makes us smile every time we walk through the front door. She opened a world of possibilities, challenged us to think more broadly and became our friend through the transformation.  We treasure her expertise, her thoughtful approach and her constant support and friendship over the years!”
– Linda R.      N. Myrtle Beach, SC

“Layla is a very creative, gifted, knowledgeable, and seasoned Interior Designer. Her final results will always be more than what you expected.”
– JoEllen Aiesi      Brown’s Woodworking

“Kerry-Anne provided me with some great options and when the choice was made, produced superb quality product. I always recommend her and her staff when I have the chance. You won’t be disappointed.” 
– Pam Cecala     Taylor Architecture

“Layla is a very well respected designer because of her ability to balance what the client wants with the clients budget giving the client results that exceed their expectations. She genuinely cares about every client and her work reflects her genuine concern. Having worked closely with Layla, I would recommend Layla for any size or type of design project.”
– Shannon Vogel     Creating Your Space

“Kerry Ann is a leader in the field of Interior Design as well as a leader within her community. My architect husband and I belong to a Grassroots group of local professionals which Kerry Ann and her business partner Layla Altman have founded. We admire her creativity, initiative, and people skills. I have taken real estate clients into Posh Living to introduce them to the many services that Kerry Ann and Layla offer. My clients have been impressed.”
– Cathy Charnley      The Lachicotte Company Real Estate  

“Kerry Ann has some of the best idea’s I have seen. Very creative mind. She is really very easy to work with and would recommend her with ease!” 
– Carolyn Harbin     Surfside Realty

“Kerry Ann is an extremely creative and talented individual who always produces quality work to fit in any decor. Her thoroughness and attention to detail represent the work of a true professional. I am happy to be able to offer her card to my clients who are looking for designs that leave a lasting impression.” 
– Bruce Brown     Realtor at RE/MAX Southern Shores

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Layla for over four years.  During this time, I have been amazed by the depth and breadth of her design knowledge.  She has explained such mysteries to me as the fibers in a carpet and the springs in a couch cushion.  She is as capable of choosing a roof shingle as she is the fringe on a sofa pillow.  Her expertise goes far beyond what looks good.  She does her research and comes to meetings with clients well-prepared.
“By taking the time to get to know my family and me, Layla has helped to create many charming spaces in our home that we all enjoy.  Our rooms have the wow factor and still are very livable.  Her partnership with Kerry Ann and Posh seems to have given Layla the perfect opportunity to actualize her potential as a designer.  Posh has a reputation for excellent quality and gorgeous design.  Posh has relationships with local furniture makers and international furniture and fabric companies.  Through these resources, Layla is able to deliver on her great ideas.  She is easy to work with, pleasant, and professional.  Moreover, she is creative, resourceful, and inspiring.  She is simply the best thing that ever happened to my home.”
–  Kristin B.      The Reserve, Litchfield Beach

“I have hired Kerry Ann for interior decorating ideas, and to say the least I trusted in her immediately. She handed me a swatch of fabric and explained that this would be the color and fabric she suggested and before I knew it ,she ordered that 2 by 2 little piece of fabric into tailored drapes that I never could have bought in a department store. I sat on a sofa as we talked, and I was ordering one in the next breath. She helped me expand the look of a tiny bedroom by taking off the closet doors and hanging drapes that the light illuminated through. I can’t say I have ever gotten one on one service from a conversation that turned into taking my problem into a happy fix I certainly needed. She made me very happy and I recommend her to everyone. Be patient because she is sought out and busy because of her amazing talent.” –
 – Andrea Ziel      Prestwick, Myrtle Beach

I can recommend Posh Living and Layla for the fabulous job she did in my last two homes in Charleston and coming all the way to Toronto for an intense week of designing and selecting the interior of my house (and exterior as a matter of fact). She is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and understanding.  Even my builder got along with her really well.  I continue to wish her all the best and will call on her again.”
–  Charlotte L.      Bellevue, WA


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